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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Falling in Love with Paper and Pages

The first books I remember were books made of brown paper and string by my father who cut out the comic strips from the children’s page of the News Chronicle and stick them in sequence to make a permanent book. I would compete with my sister and brother to sit on his long knee (he was very tall) and we would read it together.I think we all must have learned to read this way before any of us we went to school. The magic of the words on the page conjured up places people and adventures which lived and thrived in my mind’s eye. Come to think of it that’s when I learned I had a mind’s eye, a mind’s place – a place of colour and action, a sanctuary in a family where things were not always easy.


  1. Congratulations Wendy! The new blog looks superb and I'm sure it will light many fires - Avril x

  2. Thank you Avril I am hoping the this blog will touch a thousand hearts. wx

  3. It's lovely Wendy! Here's wishing you every good thing. I love the background 'wallpaper'.

  4. Thank you both for such lovely encouragement fot this new idea. wxx