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Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Writer of Talent: Betty Miller (1)

Betty Miller

I am now deep in the novel On The Side of the Angels by Betty Miller, originally published in  1945,  On his Must Read list Norman Geras tells a story in praise of a novelist Betty Miller (see below...) Here is a novelist of whom I have nevery heard and I was very curious, I have ordered a copy of Goodbye Liecester Square in the Persphone edition but I got hold of a copy of the 1985 Virago edition of On The Side of The Angels which has a beautiful  introduction by the late Sarah Miller, Betty's  daughter.

I see now that this year  the there is to be a new edition (May) of this novel, introduced by her son the polymathic scientist, artist and entertainer  Jonathan Miller.

It has a much more snazzy cover but I hope they have not abandoned the Sarah Miller introduction which I find fascinating, It is full of insight, anecdote and understanding.

I am enjoying the novel and will write  more about it here, But I wanted to post this here today, before I rush off to ny birthday tea. It will perhaps  to complement the  post on my other blog which is a poem about my own mother which I hope might show similar insight,

Tomorrow: More about Betty Miller


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  1. Happy birthday Wendy! Hope it's a good one. Interested to hear what you think of Betty Miller. My mother had 'Goodbye Leicester Square', but I never read it.