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Friday, 1 June 2012

STOP PRESS for Readers, Writers & Gardeners

Don’t forget to join me this Sunday at Noon on the 3rd June to The Writing Game  on Bishop FM where Gillian, Avril and I dig into the inspiration of the garden.
This month on The Writing Game we are making the connection between the creative processes of gardening and writing. Many gardeners are writers and many writers are gardeners. Both activities require a combination of inspiration, hard work, creativity and patience. The only way to become accomplished at both writing and gardening is  actually to do it – not think about it or theorise about it but to actually practice the art. Some people would say that in both cases you have to be willing to get your hands dirty!
On this month’s programme we visit the garden in Low Etherley of Mary Smith who is both a great gardener and a member of Wear Valley Writers. ..  – read more  at


  1. You're so right about gardening and writing. What hits me most is the thinking time it gives you - your hands are occupied and your mind free. There's also a real connection with the earth and I think that's important too.
    On your previous post - I loved the paragraph about 'touching' history. I sometimes call these 'memory lines' - I used to talk to my elderly relatives (born at the end of the 19th cent) and they used to tell me about conversations they had with their great grandparents (in one case born at the end of the 18th cent) and you were aware of a very special line of communication. As a child, this used to feel magical - as if I could talk to the dead.

  2. Dear Kathy - as a novelist lodged somewhere in in the 'history' of the long stretches of the twentieth Century I somethimes feel I am taking distation from the dead, Hopw you are well... wxx